“Angels and Chemistry” – JLD.

Enjoying the Shabbat on Independence Day, July 4th here in the United States, was both joyous and freeing. Our torah portion, Balak from Numbers 22:2 – 25:9, was presented by Rabbi Jonathan Dade, and we focused on a guy named Balaam. Even a regular man, who was not part of God’s Chosen people (Israel), demonstrated a desire to be free from self seeking desires, and was subsequently blessed with the gift of prophesy. Things are always better when we listen to His Messengers or Malakim (Angels). Then in the main message, Bill spoke on Making The Most of Your Time; Better Kingdom Living Through Scriptural Chemistry. We identified how the right ingredients, catalysts, and buffers, can bring about heavenly products. Pictures have been added to the slides, which are posted, and the audio recording http://messiahechad.org/private/04-jul-2015-d2f/ is also online.

“Red Heifer and Unity” – JLD

Joseph Bailey Lewis blessed us with another insightful torah portion summary, this time on Chukat “Ordinance of”, from Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. Specifically, the red heifer sacrifice was unique in that it was done outside the camp, and was used to cleanse the person, not the place. Similarly, Messiah was sent away to die, giving us (people) everlasting life, and sanctification. Then before the teaching, Rabbi Jonathan briefly acknowledged the elephant in the room, the recent Supreme Court ruling which supports same-sex marriage, before diving into his message on Jewish and Christian believers being part of one body. It was such an amazing reality, how we are all fellow heirs… the slides are online, and the audio recording is online (http://messiahechad.org/?attachment_id=2723). See you next week, and again at our local 04th of July Celebration.

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